Wednesday, May 12, 2010

#047 Don't turn around (cause you're gonna see my heart breaking)

I know, I know. Not like it's news that Indomie Mi Goreng noodles are THE epitome of GET IN MY BELLY snackery ever invented on the planet (think Sarah Silverman Baby Bell love).

Remember the day you first tried them, fell in LOVE, spotted them in the supermarket afterwards and looked both ways when you discovered you got five packs for under three bucks like it was some SICK JOKE and shuffled ten packs into your trolley before they could change the sign back?
I do.

Two packs at a time x a million servings later, the fateful day where my Mi Goreng love affair came to an abrupt halt, I casually turned the pack around and read the nutritional information while they bubbled away, and my heart sank lower than the day I discovered my best mate wasn't actually gay.


I feel like I've been decieved and lost a good friend/deleted them off facebook.
Meanwhile discovering I may as well have been eating 2 KFC thighs, 2 pieces of Pepperoni pizza or a bacon double cheeseburger all along...


  1. Seriously Jay. That's what you get for looking on the back of pack of food in a plastic bag!
    Just don't look next time

  2. "Iiiif I could tuuuurn baaack tiiime..."