Monday, May 31, 2010

#069 Ditch the pitch

To be honest, my stomach churned when the 'There's nothing like Australia' tourism pitch was introduced in March.

There's nothing like 'insert country here'.
Uniquely 'insert country here'.
There's no place like 'insert country here'.

Wow. Groundbreaking stuff.

Well to round it all off, some bastard got paid more than I'll make in a lifetime to make this 90 second clip that was 'revealed' (in a 'slip over in a puddle/skirt around your head' kinda way) today. Essentially, a moving collation of tacky 90's Australian istock clips, to the tune of twangy Australians, singing a song (that well could have been written by an eight year old), about themselves.

*throws hands up in air* Just genius.

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