Thursday, May 13, 2010

#049 My parents were awesome.

This is my Dad and his mate Maggie with 1 million dollars worth of weed in the 1970's. He was a cop, I was fat, and I used to tell people my dad would lock up their dads if they didn't leave me alone, which seemed to work quite well, until we got old enough my dad being a cop in small town NZ turned into the reason I'd get hidings.

So when I discovered this photo of a bust in the 70's in my dads photo box, nicked it and took it to school, my life got a whoooole lot more awesome.

'giz another look bro?!' 'yeah wait on bro' 'Phwoooooar, that's the most buds I've ever seen aow!!' 'million bucks worth' and they'd be like 'he smoke it all' and I 'd be all 'COURSE EGG WHAT D'YOU THINK' and slip it back all cool into my desk...

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