Saturday, May 8, 2010

#040 Goodbye eggs bene

After a *cough* 'long lunch' on Friday (my first day I might add) all of a sudden it was 4am Saturday morning and I was already getting quiver lip'd about brunch. Quick nap and a 'where am I' moment later, I realised that Fidels was on the cards for brunch again now I was back on Wellies and did a wee internal fist-pump.

Couple of flat whites/durry combo's later, we go to order eggs bene and 'Fish on bubble and squeak with tomato and Hollandaise Sauce' comes out of my mouth.

Oh. My. God. Who would have known that in that split second my life would have got a whole lot more amazing.

Fish on Bubble and Squeak with hollandaise sauce for the hungover brunch WIN.

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