Sunday, May 30, 2010

#066 Days with my father

It's funny how sometimes you stumble across something that is so relevant to your own life, you begin to wonder whether you're in the driving seat.

My mum's not well, I've come back to NZ to be with the fam, have already started collating her best recipe's into a wee gem of a cookbook, and my mind is filled with so many more must-do things to get down all the hilaaarious pieces of gold that make her who she is over the coming months; on top of just....hanging out.

Philip Toledano's 97 year old father had short term memory loss, after his mother passed away and him having to tell his father she'd 'gone to Paris for a while' everytime he asked where she was, he started documenting his visits.

A cute, honest, hilarious, beautifully photographed and written tribute to the last three years of a vigorously charming mans life.

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