Monday, August 16, 2010

#107 New Skins series cast

Umm...and the standout babe(s) would be....where?

Nice casting assholes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#106 Stationery boners

If you're anything like me and need a mop everytime you open the office stationery cupboard/walk into Gordon Harris, you've probs taken the quality not quantity movement. These two gems are my current stationary obsessions.

The About Blank notebook - no logos, opens fully FLAT, binding where you can rip pages without other pages falling out, opaque paper AND white lines printed on one side so you can write, or ignore and draw. *salivates*

And, Urban outfitters Get the hint adhesive labels.
I can't fucking wait till they arrive, back ordered for another two weeks, (FUCK THAT) I went nuts and bought three packs of the bastards (FUCK YEAH).

Effective office communication through bringing the office LOLZ. Genius.

#105 Rainbows

Now all I need is a unicorn.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

#104 Back to the future

In case you missed it, Monday was 'the future.'

*sigh* Oh to still be a child of the eighties convinced that right now we'd be Tony Stark.

#103 Badge fun

We have one of those guys who comes into work with a different collection of books/toys/carseat organiser-esque type crap each week, that've been gathering dust at their distribution warehouse. They sit there, we have a nosey, and although I've totally banned myself from buying any more from him, in the last two weeks I've bought a badge maker set and a battery operated toy rooster that dances to music and squarks when you wring it's neck. *hangs head*

When I head to Splendour in OZ this month I'm missing out on a family reunion, so thought it'd be awesome to make my parentals and sisters badges with my face on them for the LOLZ. UNTIL I FOUND OUT I CAN'T GET REFILLS AFTER I'VE USED THE TEN. Which places me in a bit of a conundrum as all of a sudden the ten I have now seem real valuable and I wanna do something amazing with them...

More here.

#102 Seaweed

Monday, July 5, 2010

#101 Digital Holga

Nice wee project by industrial designer Saikat Biswas, a digital Holga that retains just the right amount of quirky Holga-radcore-ness. Nice one.