Monday, May 10, 2010

#043 Marina Abramovic made me cry

Normally I can't sit still for any longer than five minutes, even watching a movie often stresses me out, unless I'm so hungover my limbs have decided to pack it in and I'm crunched into the foetal position.

This morning I stumbled across this series of portraits on tumblr Marina Abramovic made me cry, taken during Yugoslavian artist Marina Abramovic's exhibition 'The artist is present' at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Known for her quirky performance art installations (based on stillness, silence and endurance) Abramovic sits in silence, and invites visitors to sit opposite her for as long as they choose.

Some batshit crazy people have apparently become addicted and have returned so many times security guards know them by name. Not sure if I feel like it's crazy, or sad, that it takes an performance art installation to remind humans that sometimes you just need to stop, reflect, and god forbid maybe try and connect with another human...

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