Thursday, May 20, 2010

#052 The little things

I just applied for my iPhone replacement after losing it, AGAIN. Last time I lost one, I borrowed my flatmate's Blackberry, and managed to lose that within 3 days (Sorry Amy).
Not only did I have to deal with the Vodafone guy giggling on the other end of the phone when I barred my number (like ACTUALLY giggling about how many times I'd lost a phone in 12 months - oh yes, there was many a cheap nokia scattered in there while waiting for replacements) but when making a police report, the police woman on the other end of the phone lectured me about getting a man bag.
I stopped myself at letting her know how many man bag's I'd lost and hung up the phone with my tail between my legs like I'd let down my mother.

So in light of using my $49 dollar nokia in the meantime, I've decided I'm actually enjoying not having the interboon, checking emails every five minutes, having to google something mid conversation to make a point clearer, and have been embracing looking up as I walk along the street and noticing a hell of a lot more than I did before.
(Admittedly I go to use my phone and 'pretend to be fossicking in my bag for something while I text' cause it's so unnattractive.)

Stumbled across this charming animation by Christian Borstlap (which is up for a D&D award) that reminded me about the little things.

(God, who am I kidding I hope my iPhone arrives soon I'm dying.)

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