Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#058 Driving me Loco

Yesterday I was trapsing through a friends facebook photos trying to judge her new boyfriend (he apparently Rulz and is lovely/amazing) and as I got the background story I found out he ran a rad little customised bike gig in Melbs.

Not surprisingly, if I was living in Melbs I'd be in Fitzroy (little Wellington) and I'd be more accustomed to lo-riding my ass everywhere as apposed to fixie pixie-ing around for sure. I have zero ass surface area which proves to be an issue. (First documented Fixie backflip here in Japan on the weekend P.s.)

If you're in Melbs check out Locolowriders, get a base and start customising, it'll be sorted by the time summer gets there and I hear on good authority the guys are lovely/amazing/etc...

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