Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#044 Wanna see some Michael Jackson moves?

1984 in New Zealand, I'd just been given my first stonewash denim jacket (only to lose it at a blue light disco) and while the rest of the world tried to emulate the dance moves of one Michael Jackson, we too had our cardboard boxes and lino thrown down rewinding the moves of our homegrown MJ - The guy from the Poi-e video.

After being back in NZ for less than a week, mid-grieving about leaving Sydney, I finally went to see Boy and after being hit with Poi-e in the opening credits, I realised it was exactly the 88 minutes of slap in the face 'roots bro roots' therapy I needed.

Taika's new remixed vid (cut and sliced in a day) with scenes from the original Patea Maori club clip and Boy is the perfect blend of 1980's NZ, , and with NZ Music month in full force, the challenge to try and get Poi-E back to No.1 in the NZ charts by christmas is in full force.
Crazy horses for life.

(Maybe this time we'll all learn the words instead of just going hard out at the "Poooooi-eeeee" bit.)

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