Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#032 Sweet treats!

Another side project by the Frankie girls released today is their Sweet Treats recipe book. Following the success of Afternoon Tea (classic recipes from a collation of people's mums) Sweet Treats is another journey back to when sprinkle covered marshmallow filled icecream cones and candy hearts would make out eyes light up like the icecream truck tune.

Melt in your mouth Mint Patty's (like nanna used to make), Honeycomb (crush and sprinkle underneath chocolate mousse before it sets - got that from a Come dine with me episode where the lesbian made it for desert and the staunch christian woman who believed being a homo was wrong found it necessary to talk about it every five minutes, and by the end of the programme had admitted she'd 'lived with lesbians at uni', didn't wear underwear on the third dinner night and got smashed showing everyone how to pole dance on a door frame - it was fucking excellent) and Toffee Apples (these freakin blow kids minds) just to name a few...

Jump here for stockists!

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