Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#022 Colour Palette

I remember when I first discovered painting at high school, and our art room had fifty thousand kilometres of oil paint everywhere free game. I slapped that shit on so thick with a palette knife, standing back and launching in again all gestural and tortured artist like, it was amazing. I felt so aliiiiive. Sometimes it took weeks to dry and I'd spend hours getting it off me but was toootally worth it.

Three years later when I casually walked into an art store post high school to purchase said oil paints, I realised I could continue painting in oils...or eat for the next three months. I was fucking devastated. I think I walked out all dejected about my tortured artist life plan being destroyed and chain smoked for an hour.

Hey Francoise Nielly. Thanks for reminding me about that pal. Thanks a whoooole bunch.

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