Monday, April 26, 2010

#020 M.I.A's issues with le ginge

Jesus, hands up who else thinks French director Romain Gavras (of Justice's 'Stress' clip fame) has a few issues.

24 hours and banned from Youtube already, M.I.A's new clip for 'Born free' is Ginger Genocide on steroids, with no doubt the tongues of the masses wagging about the 'symbolism' of rounding redheads in a paddy wagon and nailing the fuck out of them will dominate over dinner tables for a while. (revenge on British imperialism/American racists...)

Am I the only who think's the 'gritty cinematic indulgence' of nine minute shock tactic video's are getting a little bit yawn-fest?

(Is it wrong that I may or may not have found the naked fat junkies having junkie sex more offensive than the redhead innihilation?)

God I love Romain Gavras.

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