Monday, April 19, 2010

#012 The human camera

Most people who know me have come face to face with my extraordinary ability to lose things. To save face I have this wee speech about having a photographic memory, and seeing as I never wear my glasses/contacts, I put shit down and the photo I take is so blurry, I don't remember where it was taken. I've told this story SO many times I almost believe it...

Enter the human Camera. *bursts through paper hoop to thunderous applause*

You may remember this out of control guy with autism from the email rounds a few years back, 35 minutes around Rome in a helicopter, then three days to completely reconstruct a panoramic view of what he saw in three days. TO THE LAST WINDOW.
Anyways, he's in Sydney next week in Circular quay drawing the city live.

Fuck I love how people with Autism are the closest things we have to superhero's...

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