Monday, April 19, 2010

#011 1am magazine - post no bills

Yet again, Glen Hunt (ex- Pavement magazine fame) is scraping coins from under couch cushions and avoiding 'private number' calls on his cell after yet again he has bankruptcy proceedings all up in his face.

The $31,238 printing debt, for the first issue of his new fashion mag endevour 1am, was due to the magazine struggling 'as a result of the recession, which made it harder to get advertising, and printers being hardline on late bills.'

Hey, I may be crazy, but maybe it's the lack of content, information, reputation for not paying bills and the overuse of half naked prepubescent 12 year old models that makes advertisers uneasy. Yes, we've been here before Glen. Remember the same complications we had with Pavement? *knuckle rubs* Who's a silly boy then.

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