Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#098 Boomin' Granny

Whenever I read something this ridiculous it's pretty much guaranteed to have happened in Oklahoma. Or Hamilton.

An 86- year old woman is currently suing the El Reno police department for tasering her (one would picture while crazily brandishing a rifle Beverly Hillbillies styles - but no)

Hahaha what the hell?

Her grandson's account of events, is that after calling for emergency medical technitions to stop by to help with her medications - 10 officers turned up at the door instead. After telling them to leave they 'became "needlessly aggressive", then "stepped on her oxygen hose until Varner began to suffer oxygen deprivation" before hitting her twice with a taser.' the second hitting her in the chest and causing her to pass out.

Police claim she pulled a kitchen knife from under her pillow and said: "I want to die. I did not call you so get the fuck out of my house."

*crickets sound*

A bit like a fist fight with Steven Hawkins isn't it really (although I imagine he's perfected the 'wheelchair leg swipe' or has some crazy fucked up batman gadgets hidden away for such an occasion lets be fair).

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