Monday, June 14, 2010

#085 the Lost Boys

After the Missionaries of Hate doco, I went on a documentary binge with the U.S. series Vanguard. Their latest installation which airs in the U.S. tomorrow, follows the secret cost to young African's trafficked to Europe, under the guise of gaining European contracts.

It's estimated that 20,000 young West African players are currently stranded throughout Europe--trafficked there by predatory agents who snatch them off the fields of Ghana and Senegal and Cameroon promising contracts with big European teams and then abandon them when those tryouts either don't materialize or don't go well.

Vanguard travels from the soccer pitches of Ghana to black market soccer games in Paris exposing the shady underworld of the sport at the forefront of the world mind. It's a well known fact that the search for new talent in Africa exists by FIFA but little is done, and with the amount of money being generated by the world cup in Africa, one would think that giving a little back wouldn't be out of the question...

Check the trailer.

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