Monday, June 28, 2010

#094 Feelin it

I remember seeing this National Geographic pic last year sometime and staring at it for ages buzzing out for ages about them supporting each other in grief. A gaggle of Chimpanzee's consoling each other, hand on shoulder styles, while one of their clan who passed away of Heart failure was wheeled away for burial.
Animals aye.

I relieved my childhpood of wanting to work at a zoo, until I found out the logistics actually looked better in the brochure, and the chances of me becoming the Lion whisperer as I'd planned were far from the truth. When I was at prep school I used to tell people I wanted to become a Marine Biologist and study the rare amazonian river dolphin cause it sounded real brainy and fuck me people bought it. *flicks quiff*

Stumbled across this vid yesterday where a dog gets hit by a car on a busy motorway, is spotted by another dog, who dodges traffic to get out to him, and CAREFULLY DRAGS HIM TO SAFETY USING HIS PAWS.

I know.

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  1. woow, i wish my labrador was that smart