Sunday, June 6, 2010

#077 Design for Life

I've been looking for a Reality TV buzz for a couple of months, and aaalmost thought I'd found it in reality series 'Design for life'.

French Designer Philippe Starck (known as 'french designer of hotels,
transparent louis XV-style chairs and iconic lemon squeezers') is an outspoken supporter of renewable + democratic design, and definately a watchable/likeable character. He challenges 14 english industrial design contestants to create a product/design/concept that follows a design challenge he sets at the beginning. All in the hope of being the last designer standing, to win a 6 month placement at his innovative Paris HQ.

*sigh* It's not the Project Runway + Dragons Den hybrid I wanted, but I'm only up to Ep4, (where they've all been given a rark up). Hopefully things improve and it becomes more than a reality show with 14 designers, coming up with shit ideas, and managing to showcase their shit presentation skills at the same time...

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