Wednesday, July 7, 2010

#103 Badge fun

We have one of those guys who comes into work with a different collection of books/toys/carseat organiser-esque type crap each week, that've been gathering dust at their distribution warehouse. They sit there, we have a nosey, and although I've totally banned myself from buying any more from him, in the last two weeks I've bought a badge maker set and a battery operated toy rooster that dances to music and squarks when you wring it's neck. *hangs head*

When I head to Splendour in OZ this month I'm missing out on a family reunion, so thought it'd be awesome to make my parentals and sisters badges with my face on them for the LOLZ. UNTIL I FOUND OUT I CAN'T GET REFILLS AFTER I'VE USED THE TEN. Which places me in a bit of a conundrum as all of a sudden the ten I have now seem real valuable and I wanna do something amazing with them...

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  1. You can get badge refills from the Met Store down swan lane in wellington!!